Daily Archives: October 2, 2000

God I want to stay

God I want to stay home today.
But I’m going to class, don’t worry.
Sorry about not putting up an entry, but I was slightly intoxicated last night. Mike made me watch In God’s Hands. Oh it was bad. The surfing shots were pretty good, but the storyline was soooooo bad. I had to have a straight shot of tequilla just to watch it. I actually should have had two, but I didn’t eat much all day and that one shot hit me hard. Anyway, I think the movie would have been much better has a gay porn. There were LOTS of cute guys in the movie. At least there would have been a better plot than what the movie had.
O.K. Let me get going to school.
Current mood: happy
Current music: Watching Northern Exposure on T.V. (God I miss that show)