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I decided that the only thing that keeps me going sometimes is hate. Hate for school, hate for work, hate for people, hate for myself. If I didn’t have that hate, would I be able to survive? Would I have a purpose? Something to think about….
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The one after the housing meeting…..

Today was a pretty decent day. I was late to Karate, has usual. I really need to start practicing more at home or something. Maybe the teacher will let me join in his 11am class also so I would have 2hrs of Karate. Something to think about.
After that went to work. The DSL line is still down, so there wasn’t much work for us to do. We did some trouble shooting and filled some orders. We also got in a shitload of frisbees. They were suppose to be for the grand opening, but I guess they missed that date. Tim and I left early, cause there wasn’t really much for us to do.
The big news of the day is that my Escaflowne DVD finally came in. It is soooooooo good. I need to go ahead and preorder the next DVD. I think it comes out in December. I only watched the first episode, but it comes with 4 music videos that has snippets of the DVD’s to come. and if I get all 8, i can sent in for a tarot card set just like in the anime. The DVD’s have the same episodes that Suzanne has on video, so I’m not worried about her missing anything. I think starting with the next DVD, I will have to wait for her to watch them unless she buys it on video. The movie that I’m waiting to watch with her is Lady and the Tramp. I wanted to watch it with her last weekend when she camee, but she wanted Red Lobster. I should have just told her instead of trying to hint at it. Oh well, next time.
So at 6, I went to this meeting about the Village. The Village is the new on campus apartment that they are building. We have a projected move in date on Nov 4th. Most of the meeting was bullshit, but what it came down to was that if we don’t move in now, we won’t get another chance to move in. So I need to think about what I want to do. On the one hand, if I move into the Village,I won’t have to deal with the bastard, Quetzal; I’ll be even closer to campus; I’ll have my own phone, cable, and high-speed internet line; I won’t have to deal with the bastard, Quetzal. But the village apartment are somewhat smaller than Park Merced. And also if Quetzal is gone, then I might have a room all to myself. Randy is most likely staying in Park Merced since he is graduating. And I wouldn’t mind having him has a roommate. Mike wants me has a roommate….I like Mike, I don’t know if I want him has a roommate. The whole Dave Matthews issue; also he is kinda messy. But he does clean up. It’s just that he has alot of dishes and it takes him forever to wash dishes. It’s all petty stuff, but I wouldn’t mind if we were though. Just don’t stick me with the bastard. I’ll have to discuss this with Suzanne and see what she thinks. It will be cool if I have a room to myself in Park Merced, then we could have privacy and don’t have to worry about roommates. But if I was on campus, I could have the web cam on all the time so my girlie could see me and I would have my own line so that I wouldn’t have to deal with this calling card crap. Decisions, Decisions.
I don’t want to get into the whole discussion about me not taking Suzanne to me Mew. She has already met some of my closest friends. She met my best friend, Dan and is wife Jennifer. She has also met April, so it’s not like I’m hiding her from them. She has also talked to Lesa online many times before.
Speaking of the devil (or in this case, an angel) she is online right now. So I think I will sign off for awhile an chat with my girlfriend. later
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