The one where the tiger turns into a pig

So the biggest news of the day is Amber, my boss going into the store to talk about shit that’s been going on between us and the bookstore. Well, when she gets back I get told that some people think that I am sexist. WHAT?!?! Hello, this is the guy who was crying over a fuckin’ commercial. I have to be the most hormonal guys that I or anybody knows. I bastard, I can accept being called. A bitch, oh yes, I can def. be that and a pretty good one at that. Asshole; yet another role that I have played well. But sexist; that just hurts. The reason that I’m called a sexist is because I usually get guys to help me bring stuff into the store. The thing is the booksotre doesn’t have a min. lift requirement for their S/R dept. That means there are girls AND guys there who can’t lift over 20 lbs. And most of the stuff we ship over is min 20lb. Anyway, there is so much drama and discussion going on. Screw them, I know that all the impotant people know that I kick ass and work my ass off. That’s all that matters.
So what else. I finally got to take a good look at the new bookstore. It looks pretty nice. It’s a little smaller than I thought it would be, but every dept has way more space. Hopefully, when I get my financial aide check, I can go shopping and look at all the new stuff they have.
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