Pretty uneventful night. Been trying

Pretty uneventful night. Been trying to make a thing on Word that will print out shipping tags for us at the warehouse. But I’ve forgotten the stuff for the fields that I need to add. Very frustrating. Also played with Flash, finally. It’s pretty cool. I plan on spending some time on it. Listening to music, it’s the Record of the Lodoss War soundtrack. I have videos in my head for some of these songs too, but they are just bits and pieces, nothing complete.
Rush is upon us at the bookstore, and that’s not good. Rush is the first two weeks at the beginning of the semester, when the bookstore gets hammered with people buying books and supplies. Today wasn’t too bad actually. We are almost caught up with all of the receiving and problems that we have. Peter, on the other hand, isn’t holding up well. He was really cranky today. I hope it was just because it was Monday, and that this doesn’t last. Actually he was bitching like a little S/R peon. And we’re tell him, it’s going to be like this for two weeks. **sigh** Tomorrow is another day.
There are 300 people on the waiting list for housing at SFSU. They have been doing reports on it on the news all day long. I guess I should be grateful where I’m at. But BASTARD ROOMMATE!!!! THIS TIME, it’s toilet paper. He’s used up all the toilet paper and never changes the roll. HOW HARD IS IT TO CHANGE A FUCKING ROLL OF TOILET PAPER. AAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!
Gangways. I’ve felt like crying all night for no reason. Or maybe I do have reason, but just don’t want to face those reasons.
What else? Hi Suzanne. I finally know that Suzanne is reading my journal. I kinda figured, but not it’s official. I broke down and went to her site but she deleted it. I wonder if she just made a new journal. Hmmm. Time to go hunting maybe 😉
I’m really too tired to think about anything. Slowly my thought are turning to the next day at work. I’m really worried about the crew.
Side note. Randy and is friend are drinking and are watching Indiana and the ….. the third one with Sean Connery. And they are looking at my Rolling Stones; it’s the hot issue. The cover girl is Giselle. She is hot. All of them South American girls are. Esp. those Lama sister, esp. Carolina and Gabrielle (just checking if you are reading this. You girls are hot though)
They are kinda funny, listening to them, I wish I have a mic. I wish I could type what they are saying. They are talking about the male models now.
Current mood: calm
Current music: Record Of The Lodoss War – Pale Light

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