Well, the upload is still

Well, the upload is still going. AARRGGGHHH!!!! I hate this slow speed.
Anyway, while I was driving back home today, I started thinking about the video to Iris that is in my head. Side note, I come up with ideas for music video for some songs. They just usually stay in my head. So the idea for Iris (by the Goo Goo Dolls; it was on the soundtrack to the one movie with Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan. I can’t think of the movie right now.) ANYWAY, My video has to do with an angel and a vampire. They meet one day and become friends/lovers. Well, they try anyway. So I was driving and I came up with the dialogue for the first two scenes. It’s going from a video to a short story. So I think that I’m going to work on it since it is the first spark of creativity that I have had in a long time. We’ll see how far I get with it
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