Blow after blow after blow cuts into him….

Not one of my better days today. Marie is off to Boston. It was sad to see her off. I gave her one of my little Tigger’s has a going away present. I wish I had brought the camera with me. Shawn seems to be doing O.K. so far. Jason decided not to move in, so he is alone for a month and he has to pay the full rent. I’m sure he can manage, but it’s going to cut into his moving expenses. I’m thinking about doing a guys trip to the Ren faire with him, Raj, Bryon, and whoever else we can get to come. I’m sure that they (Shawn and Marie) will be calling each other every night. **sniff** I’m really going to miss Marie. I just have to think, in a couple of years, she will be a doctor and I can finally get the drugs that I need from her. Talk about the prozac and the 800 and 1600 mg of motrin. WHOOHOO Horse pills baby!!!
I also found out that they are delaying the finish of the on-campus apartments indef. for right now. SO I won’t be moving on the 16th. SO I have to stay here with Quetzal longer than I had planned. yuck. Well, I guess this means that I need to go shopping for some real siverware and cookware. I think I see a road trip to IKEA, WHOOHOO! Maybe Tim and Mandy will go with me and we will make a day out of it. I guess that means that I should start decorating and cleaning this place.
Work also is going to suck. I might have to work next sat too. This sat sucked. I was only planning to work from 9-12. I ended up working till 4. Bleh!
And to top off the night, I made Suzanne cry. And she has deleted her livejournal account. I wonder how long it will be before the hate mail comes in. **sigh** I guess it’s a good thing that she deleted the journal. Now I will never know how much I have hurt her. Ignorance is bliss. Maybe she has just made a new journal. I hope so. The last time I read her journal, it seemed that she had made alot of friends.
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