I don’t believe that I

I don’t believe that I watched the last episode of Survivor. I have to admit, that it was pretty exciting, esp. at the end with the speech that Sue made. Anyway, now that it is over, maybe things can get back to normal. NOT! I’m sure it will be the talk of the town for a few days more.
So I ended up playing Civilization 2. I’m doing pretty good considering that I’m playing on the 2nd highest setting. I am ranked #2 behind the Zulus. I have a big empire and I have lots of trade and development going on, but my military sucks big time. I just got gunpowder and the Zulus have had for 20+ years. They also just developed the cannon, so my great wall is useless now. Hopefully the egyptians and the russians will keep them buzy while I try to build up my amry and navy.
I really should have been doing something else with my time than being sucked into Civ II. I mean, I have pictures that needed to be uploaded onto the net, I have a resume to work on, I’ve had Flash for awhile now, and I really havent even played around with it. Hmmm. I think tommorow I will goto the computer lab after work and upload pictures. Maybe I’ll goto a chat room too. It’s been awhile since I’ve done that. I was talking to this guy in a room once and we realized that we were in the same computer lab. Go figure.
My side is really hurting me. My ulcer is moving from my right side to my left side. Speaking of moving, I should start doing Karate after work. At least do the warm up exercises to remember how to do them. I’m also thinking about buying Tae-bo. It would be a total hypocritical thing to do, but I’ve seen the connercials on T.V. all the time, and I thing that they are starting to get to me. Maybe I can borrow Peter’s copy to take a look at it.
One of the dreams that I had last night had hitchhikers in it. I’ve have this thing with hitchhikers. I’ve always wanted to do it, either hitchhike, or pick up one and just listen to the stories that they would have to tell. What do you think, if I can survive camping in the mountains, then I should be able to get by hitchhiking. Of course, in my dream, there was this couple hitchhiking and we ended up making out with each other, except that the guy looked like Quetzal, which is really wierd.
Talked to mom today. She and the rest of the family are doing ok. Eric is thinking about the Air Force again. I think it will do him good. Better than taking 10 yrs to get out of college. Anyway, he got laid off from his job at the glass factory, but he has some money saved, so he should be ok.
Ouch, my back is killing me. I wonder if I sprained it or pulled a muscle or something. I need to be careful since I don’t have any health insurance. Tommorow I will by some icy hot or something. Maybe tommorow will be a no-lifting day for me. Who knows
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