So last night, I watched

So last night, I watched Dogma on my DVD. I think it brought my rating up a notch with Randy and Mike. It’s a pretty good movie, but the scene that I like best is when Ben Afelic come floating down in front of the church with his wings spread out. Now, I’m not a huge Afelic fan, but for some reason, I love that scene and it just gives me warm feelings inside, like when you climb up the rope in gym class.
**spoilers ahead**
Not sure if I would be Bartley willing to get back to heaven at any price, or Azeral, willing to detroy all existance to get revenge. Or am I Jay, just horny all the time wantingto get laid.
I am horny right now. It’s not even my time of the month or anything. Well, not sure what to do. I really don’t have any leads or any prospects lined up. Not that I’m looking. But I don’t even have any “fuck buddies”. According to Peter (Or maybe it was Marco or one of the sweds.), one should always have a friend that you can have sex with when ever you need it. Sort of like break glass in case of emergency. Well, I guess I could self service myself, but usually there is someone at the apt at all times. And since I don’t have a room to myself, oh well. I guess I’ll just hold out. I could think of it this way, the longer I hold out, the better it’ll be when I finally get some, huh. Anyway, I gotta get back to work. Maybe more on my sexual frustrations later.
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