But going back to David.

But going back to David. There are just so many things that makes me dislike him. First of all, he was very clingy with Amber; and I mean clingy. Which I guess I can understand with the groups additude with him. But still, man let go once in awhile; she won’t float away or anything. And they were all over each other, which was really wierd to watch. And he has no opinon for himself. He would say one thing and then when Amber would say something, he would change his mind and agree with her. The funniest moment of the night had to be when Kurt was leaving to go home and he wanted to know if David wanted to go and smoke a pipe with him. To Kurt, smoking a pipe means tobacco; To David, it meant smoking marajuanna. It was so funny listening to them and they didn’t even have a clue about what the other was talking about.
The other thing was Gabi talking about Barry and how there’s no date for their wedding. I can understand Gabi’s frustration cause they have been going out for a long time now, like 7 years. And Barry isn’t necessarily the most affectionate person; correct that he doesn’t openly show his affections with cards, flowers and stuff like that. But on Barry’s side, he just graduated from Davis and is looking for a career job so he can have a steady income. And his parent have both gone through failed marriages, so I can see him wanting to be cautious. And Gabi still has a…very strong link with her family that is…well strong to the point of alomst controlling? Hmmm, I not describing it right…And the other thing is that Barry is a guarded person, like me to a point. We kinda keep our inner most thoughts to ourselves and that can be a bad thing. But to the ones that we love, we share and give everything to our signifigant other; or at least that how we see it. But the other person usually feels like we are blocking them out and that causes problems. It doesn’t help that Gabi is Peruvian, and while she has that hot beauty that all Peruvians have, she also has that firey S. American temperment along with it. I just think that they just need to meet somewhere in the middle of their minor differences and they will be ok.
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