moving on to Michelle, she

moving on to Michelle, she was depressed cuase this guy didn’t call her and stuff. Later on we really pissed her off by talking in her room when she wanted to goto sleep. I apoligized later, but it is so fun to see her mad cause she GETS MAD. She is moving out and moving in with Barbara soon. I think it will be good cause I think Michelle needs someone to guide and steady her a bit (just for ref. Lesa and Michelle are sisters and Barbara is their cousin.)
I guess the biggest shock wasn’t the fact that Lesa was pregnant, but Amber’s new boyfriend. Oh man, talk about rebound matterial. I guess he isn’t bad looking, but man, I honestly can’t see what Amber sees in him. Actually I feel kinda bad because we really didn’t give him a chance. Which is a bad thing in our group; that is when somebody in our group has a new boy/girlfriend, we don’t work hard enough to include them with the group and all the old H.S. stories come out and we talk about stuff that they know nothing about and just leave them out of it. It was kinda why I never got got them together with Suzanne when we were going out. We broke up on the night that they would have met her in person for the first time.
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