So I leave April’s and

So I leave April’s and head up to Sacramento to goto Lesa’s house near Mather AFB. I get there and there is a small party going on with Lesa, Kurt, Gabi, Michelle, Barbara, Amber, and Amber’s new boyfriend David. Oh baby, where to start? I guess I should start with the 4 shots of tequilla that I had along with the coke flavored rum. The main reason that I was there was to confirm that Lesa was actually pregnant with Kurt’s Baby. And oh it’s true. Kurt is so happy, and all he was talking about was the wedding that he thinks is going to happen in a month. I wonder if a baby is enough for Lesa to marry Kurt. I personally don’t think that it should be a reason for marriage. But Lesa does love Kurt; they just need to work out the issues that they have (that lesa has anyway).
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