So we all went to

So we all went to sleep around 4-5 in the morning. The next day, I woke up and went out with Michelle for some breakfast. She has a nice used 94 Civic. Went to Jack in the Box for breakfast. When we got back, Amber and David wanted all of us to go out for lunch. David mentioned Sunday Champange Brunch. Champange??? Where??? SO I go with them while Gabi stays with Lesa. While we are driving I call Mew and we decide to goto Mew’s to eat.
Mew lives on the other side of Sacramento in this townhouse that is very east coast looking. The outside is brick and the front of the houses face inward like on the east coast (It’s what I learned in an archetect class yeas ago). I totally love her house. For the same rent that Shawn and I are paying, she get an three room place with 1 1/2 bath. And it’s a very nice place. She is so lucky. Well Mew and I started to make pancakes, but I was still tired and was totally fucking up the batter. So David stepped in and cooked breakfast for all of us. BTW, boy looks pretty good with his shirt off (Thank Amber. hehe). So we started to watch Breakfast Club. Amber and David went up to the guest room to take a nap while Mew and I caught up on things. I think it’s ironic that out of all of us, she has the most stable relationship with Mike while the rest of us are on rollercoasters of various speed in our lives. But I’m glad that they are doing good. Mew asked me about moving in with her and I was tempted. But I really want to finish school first and the thing is that I really hate Sacramento. I don’t think that I could stand living their for long.
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