That was basicly the weekend.

That was basicly the weekend. I really got some insights from my friends and though about stuff that is going on in my life. I know the things that I have to do in my life; or I think I know some of them. The question is do I have the will to act and make these changes, regardless of the consiquences. For right now, I don’t. But I can feel the thunder build around me. How long can I play the silent bad guy? How many more blows can I take? I have danced the dance of love many times before with different partners. The last time I danced this close with someone, it was with the Lady In Eternal Disguise. It was one of the greatest dances in my life, but when I let my dance partner slip away from me, it costed me and my friends 3 years of my life. I paid dearly and although the wounds are healed and gone, I can still trace over where they were and feel the scar of them. I refuse to place my friends in that kind of position and I refuse to go through that kind of pain and to let it control my life again. I wasted so many years of my life rotting away. I will not let that happen to me again. I refuse to let it happen to me.
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