And then the weekend goes into a tailspin….

So Mike finally comes home and wakes me up to give me the rent check and it’s for the old rent price and not the new rent price. I ask him about it and he thought that we were talking about when our lease is up, then we would split the rent in half. Well, so much for saving a $100/month. **sigh** To top it off, I was pretty free with the credit card, going out to coffee with April, Brunch with Shawn/Marie. Thank God I didn’t see LOTR with Suzanne. What else did I do? Lunch for the guys for Xmas. FUCK!!!
**Sigh** I’ll have to talk to Mike tomorrow before he leaves and see if he will use our extra “bonus buck” to shave another $200 off of the rent so that I can save $100. I’ll need that money for groceries when I get back. Mike wants us to stay roommates, but I really doubt that it’s going to happen. I really need to cut my rent down; like at least $200 before utils. Basically, I need to pay what he is paying right now. **sigh** A quick search on Craigslist shows that there aren’t that many apartments for rent in the range that we would need. It would be easier to get a place on my own. Well, I am going to try and not to worry about it. I have to wake up at 8am to take my car to the warehouse. Blah. Still need to figure how to get to the Greyhound station. BART, I guess. I wonder if I still have a ticket? Can this year get any worse before it is over. Fuck, there are only 8 fucking days left. **knock on wood** Why do I have the feeling that I am going to be spending it here in S.F. home alone. O.K. I need to try to get some sleep.
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