Yay!!! The Friday Five is back!

1. What holiday or holidays do you celebrate this time of year? This year, just Christmas and New Years. In previous years, I also celebrated the end of the school semester.
2. What was the best gift you have ever received?
3. What was the worst gift you’ve ever given? My mom got me this ugly shirt.
4. Where will you be celebrating the holidays? Are you hosting? Going away? I am taking a 22 hour Greyhound bus to arrive in Tacoma on Christmas Eve to be with my parents for a week.
5. If you could spend the holidays with someone who isn’t around, who would it be with? Why? I kinda had a ulterior wish that somehow I would have to come back home and I would somehow spend Xmas with Suzanne, but that delusion was defy shatteredand the record was set straight for me. So now, I just want to flee into the arms and the safety of my family.
Happy Holidays!!!
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