Daily Archives: December 12, 2002

SBC Yahoo! is not helping

SBC Yahoo! is not helping my mood with the slow Internet connection. Microsoft is not helping either with not letting me download the latest “critical” update. I want to just reformat the hard drive and reinstall everything all over again like I used to do. But I really don’t have a reason to do so now with XP.
O. K. time to work on figuring out web page and Photo shop stuff…
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Dilemmas, Dilemmas….

1) Target FINALLY CALLS ME and wants to set up an orientation date of next Tuesday. I was planning on talking my Dad tomorrow to see if he could still get me plane tickets or I was going to goto Greyhound.com and get tickets to go and see them. So, assuming that I work 16 hour weekends at Target through the end of January at $7.25/hr, I could make $600 after taxes and stuff. JCPennys would be paid off and I would finally have some money in my savings account. Or I could forget about Target, go see my family for a week and a half, go with Angie to her wedding, and have my weekends free. I could still get JCPennys paid off, but it would take longer. And I would also still have little to no money saved up.
2) Still haven’t called Suzanne yet for New Years. On the one hand, it would be nice to spend time with her cause I really miss her. I would behave myself and try not to make the experience too weird. And at midnight, I might have a chance to kiss her, or at least get a hug out of her. On the other hand, she has probably already made plans with her friends and I’m not sure how they would feel about me being with her. Also, the last two New Years were pretty bad for us. Still I should call cause I have nothing to loose.
3) I really should talk to Mike about the housing situation. I was ready to tell him to do the dishes cause there was another big pile of dishes sitting in the sink for the last couple of days. But when I got home I found them all taken care of. Still I was pissed when I found all my butter gone with just the empty container in the fridge. I don’t want to come off as a tight ass, but I would like the house somewhat clean. There shouldn’t be a snot rag on the couch. And I hate when he leaves food and empty containers out in the kitchen. I could understand if the recycle can was in the back of the house or around the corner. But the trash and the recycling is right in front of the house. How hard is it to open the door and throw away stuff. I also need to let him know that I am not staying here once the lease is up. I guess I’ll wait until after finals are over for this one. Not like I need to heap all of this on him now while he is stressing out over finals.
4) And then there is Amber-gate. Drama over how messy Amber P. is and the New Years party that we are suppose to have at her house. Should someone tell her how messy she is? Should we clean it up for her before the party? Blah, Blah, Blah…..
Anyway, I guess #1 is the one I should be focusing on. I really don’t want to work at Target. But is the money too good not to pass up on. **sigh** I should just win the lottery or something. I would make things somewhat easier…
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O.K. Making progress on website

O.K. Making progress on website and journal redesign. Go me…
Sent email out to Jason. Still need to write to Vince and Stephanie
Need to take some Nyquil or something and fix my sleeping pattern. This taking a nap when I get home and stayng up late if fucking me up.
Got major rain on the way. Need to make sure that the warehouse is ready for it.
Once again, I didn’t goto the gym. I should just bring my sweats with me and go straight after work instead of going home first.
O.K. Am going to try to goto sleep
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