Ugh…once again I made the

Ugh…once again I made the mstake of eating McDonalds. I think that I am over fast food; well most of it anyway. There will always be room for In-N-Out.
It’s been a busy monday here for some reason. Lots of transfers and stuff. I guess people are spending their buyback money on last minute gifts.
Mobile Horoscope for today:
The demands are unfamiliar. You don’t have to answer them yet. Shop cautiously – Talk about crytic…
Yahoo Horoscope
Reaching your financial goals has been wonderful, dear Taurus, but today you might find yourself confronting the downside: paperwork! Bills may need to be paid, contracts or agreements signed, bank deposits made. Once you sort your way through that, however, you probably will decide to get out and go shopping, as a lot of short trips in your community are indicated. Books might be at the top of your list. – This one I understand. I had to mail off my bills today, but I still need to go back to the post office and get a new money order cause I accidently made the money order out to myself. And now that the bills are paid, I’m thinking about Xmas presents for my family and going out to see friends before I leave. The books thing is that there is a book on hold for me at the library that I have to pick up.
O.K. enough analyzing astro-psychobabble…
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