Little mondy insights….

Negotiations continue for me and Suzanne to hang out for New Years. I would say that I’m “very optimistic” that a deal will be reached before the end of the week.
Booked my tickets for Greyhound. **shudder** a 24hr trip to see my family; is that love or what. Anyway, like I told Lesa, I should have some stories to write about.
Since I am taking Greyhound, that means that I can attend the Xmas dinner being hosted at Barry/Gabi’s. I’m also planning on seeing Shawn/Marie, and I’ll probably pop in on April with some KKD to round out the visit to Vacaville.
New site design is comming along really nice. Need to finish photo album and try to fix webcam. Should be up before I leave next week. Although it comes of somber looking, I really like it.
Didn’t take the Target job and and trying not to regret it. I think it was the right choice to make, cause I really didn’t want to work there. Now, I just need to convice myself that I can make it until I get some extra income in. I tell myself that I have survived these last couple of months so far, so I can survive 5 more. But then, I’m also arguing with myself over stupid stuff, like if I lived in my car for a couple of months, I could save $2000. Just put my stuff into storage, take a PE class for the summer so I could use the gym showers.
There is also the argument that I’m having with myself (which probably isn’t healthy for me, aruging with myself) over whether I could give up DSL for dial-up, AOL dial-upn no less. Gawd, the fact that I’m even thinking about it shows the depths that my sanity have sunk.
Well, I guess I should get back to work. Some moppig needs to be done, nothing like what I thought there would be.
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