So I get off of work and drive home to do the customary parking wait thing. See, I live right next to S.F. State and like the rest of the city, parking is really tight. So what I do is pull to the side of the road with my hazard lights on and wait for somebody to leave. Usually, I get a spot with in the hour, but if I don’t, I quickly go in to change into some sweats and a t-shirt and then goto the gym and work out. Well, an hour passes and nobody leaves, so I go and change and goto the gym, where I find out that there is a party going on and the gym is closed. So I go back and wait for a parking space. Another hour goes by and finally, someone is leaving, but before I can pull up, some bitch in a Subaru comes and takes my spot. I go and tell her that I was waiting for that spot and she says that she followed the girl from school. It was pouring down raining at the time and you couldn’t give the girl a ride to her car. Fucked up bitch. So I had to park all the way at the top of my street and walk all the way back down to my house in the rain.
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