Not a bad day of

Not a bad day of work, but I am dreading going home tonight. Mike was looking so stressed out that I told him that I would wash dishes for him. Unfortunately, there is a mountain of them for me to do. I also have to goto the gym tonight since I have played hookey and have not gone for 2 weeks now. Bad me, I know. Well, at least I cleaned my room last night. That’s a good thing right.
Tomorrow I have a manager’s meeting; wondering if I should go get a haircut afterwards. I really need one, has the Afro is getting out of hand. Actually, all it is (the Afro) is hair follicules that cant escape from the naps and curls. When I wash and comb my hair, there is enough hair for a half-dozen barbie dolls.
O.K. point is that I really need a haircut.
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