Today’s Horoscopes

Your desire to keep to a secure pattern puts you at risk of missing out on a career opportunity. The tried and true are a comfortable prison; break out of your ordinary routine if you want to get to the place where adventure awaits.
Your ambitions could be helped along today by a kindhearted and charismatic person from out of town, dear Taurus, or even from a foreign country. Efforts to advance yourself in just about any direction – career, financial, educational, spiritual – should be greatly assisted by a new sense of focus, and by appropriate use of your innate practical skills. You should finish the day feeling more determined, more optimistic, and more centered
Love is inevitable. Good times are the law of the land. The ground itself seems to embrace you as you walk. Friendship is priceless when it gives you the space to trust and relax.
You’re Energetic, charming, and cultural. And just wait until you see what’s coming.
Horoscopes 1 & 2 are somewhat similar, yet, I’m inclined to believe number 3 (although it really doesn’t tell me anything). Number 4 just scares me big time.
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