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Semi busy day here at work. Spent the last hour or so rearanging the clothes aisles. And we still have more clothes to put away, but Mike forgot to pick-up the labels so that will have to wait until tomorrow. Taking a little break and then we will hit the upstairs room.
I semi-thought that Suzanne was calling me all this weekend. There was no caller ID and I semi remember that one of Suzanne’s number had caller ID blocked. And then I got a call from her house, but it was only for a sec. So today, when the phone rang, I picked it up. Turns out to be some contest that I entered. Blah, Blah, Blah. I’m assuming that Suzanne or somebody at her house auto dialed the wrong number. I almost went to her journal to see if something was wrong. Still tempted to do just that, but if she wanted to talk to me, she would have left a message.
Tomorrow is the manager’s meeting and there might be shit that is going down. We’ll see. Also trying to convert more forms from paper to electronic forms, but my OCR software sucks. I might just have to make all new forms. I’ll have to try and pick up a MS Word book to refresh my memory on forms.
I feel so much better that I have food in my system, even though I probably just gained back the pound that I lost over the weekend (I had McDonalds). I just want to get to 185 by New Years; I’lll worry about the other 10 pounds next year.
One more week and then I’ll be up in Washington for Thanksgiving. It’s always good to get away from here and to see the family. Also need to get Greyhound tickets for Xmas. Yes, I’ve resign myself to take Greyhound up to Washington for Xmas. A 24 hr trip; ugh. Just make sure that I have my batteries charged up for my MP3 player.
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