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More Notes From Class….

Story teacher told: When George Bush Sr. was a teen, he would walk two miles to this girl’s house that he knew and would give her $1 to walk by her window naked.
It’s 8pm; hopefully class will end at 9pm so I can get books (update — We got out at 9:45pm. **sigh** I guess that’s all right since the class is from 7pm to 10pm)
Getting ready to watch a movie on tribes from Paupa New Guinea. I hope that there isn’t any of that female castration stuff. That makes me sick just thinking about it. I think that the penis and the vagina should be left alone with no piercing or any other torture devices. Maybe the trimming of the hair, but that’s about it.
I need to look into getting a web host. Actually I just need to piece together a web site first. I wish that April would answer her e-mail. I wanted to get her option and maybe sign up with her web host so she could get some extra cash. Actually, I can’t say anything about answering e-mail cause I let e-mail build up until the guilt is too much and I spend the weekend spiting out e-mail to people. Anyway, I just need to look around and just decide on how much space I need and how much I can afford.
I wonder if I will have to participate much in this class. There are 120 seats in the class so that is a lot of people to compete with for name recognition by the teacher. On the one hand, the only grades are the midterm and the final paper. On the other hand, a teacher that knows your name could be the difference between a B+ and an A- (Or in my case a D+ and a C-)
Hmm…the girl behind me and to the left looks familiar. So does a girl a couple rows in the front. I think that I went to Solano with her. Hmmm.
Thinking about a piece that I saw on the news tonight on J.Lo and the big deal about her saying nigger. Only black people would get pissed off about a non black person saying nigger. Personally, I hate the word and am surprised that I could even write the word, twice in fact. **sigh** I’m glad that I’m Korean.
The movie is starting; Time to watch naked New Guinea People. (update — It is so funny listening to different cultures talk about sex)
OH GOD!!! Celeste is in this class with me. Oy Vey! OK, I really should get over the beef that I have with her. True, she made up lies about me and tried to get me fired. But I should be the bigger person and let bygones be bygones. Besides, I’m hire up than her and I can boss her around now if I want. 😉
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Notes From My Human Sexuality Class

The teacher is pretty funny; he has an accent, either Irish or Scandinavian. There is only one test and one paper (10 pages). Which is good and bad, I guess. **sigh** Once again, I’ll be writing a shit load of papers. Most of my classes are upper division and your are required to write 10pg papers for each class. 10 pages isn’t that big of a deal, even though I tend to make a big deal out of it.
The class is in a lecture hall; I haven’t had a class this big and in a lecture hall since the Astronomy class that I took in Solano. That was a bad experience with Lesa and it was at 8am in the morning. So if I didn’t cut class, I was talking to Lesa the whole time. Of course I had to withdraw in order to not get the F that I was headed for. Anyway, I will definitely have to get to class on time in order to get a good seat.
The professor doesn’t take role, so I will be able to get out of the class in October for the wedding in Las Vegas. Problem is that the midterm is the week after the wedding, so I would miss the review for the midterm. But there are people in the class that I think that I know so maybe I can hook up with them and get the notes for that day.
Someone called on my cell from 515 area code. I wonder what area code that is? update — 515 IA Iowa (Des Moines, Ames, Fort Dodge, Jefferson and central Iowa) — Who the HELL do I know in Iowa?)
We also get the day before Thanksgiving off. Whoo Hoo!! Gives me a chance to get out of town and fly up to Washington for Thanksgiving.
Uh….white guys with dreads really bug the hell out of me. I really just want to cut them out. I’ll have to make sure not to sit behind that guy in class.
I remember that April did something like this last year, but I don’t think that I will scan them like she did; I’ll probably just type them in. I don’t mind typing; it helps me out with my typing skills and I don’t mind too much. Once school gets into full swing, the notes probably won’t be this long or detailed anyway.
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About to goto class that

About to goto class that starts in 20 mins. I’ll stop by the bookstore to see how things are going and stuff. Tried to sleep, but couldn’t get to dreamland; it was more like a light dozing off. I don’t feel too tired, but I don’t feel too rested either. I think that I’ll need some caffeine to get me through.
I remembered that for my Hist class, the professor is big on the Internet. So I went to his home page and he already has all of the syllabuses and info up for the semester. So I can get a head start on some of the reading for the class.
O. K. Off to school. I hope that I survive. Tonight’s class is Anthropology 569 – Cross Cultural Communities: Sex & Gender. Fun, Fun, Fun. **rolls my eyes**
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Damnit, I had an entry

Damnit, I had an entry all typed up and I deleted it. **sigh** I think it’s a sign that I should get back to work.
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T minus and counting….

Until my first class. Actually the day has started kinda slow. There was one med. size notebook order, but I was expecting alot more to be here when I came in today.
I also kinda chewed out Peter today too cause he was an hour late. **sigh** Don’t know what to do with him. Sometimes I wish he would get hired someplace else so that I wouldn’t have to deal with it anymore. I just need to learn how to be in charge and stuff. I hate being in charge; blame it on my loner mentality. I just like everybody doing their own thing to help the team with little leadership. I mean if push comes to shove, then I can be a tyrant. O.K. I don’t need that big of a push. Like alot of other parts of my life, I live at the extremes; either letting people walk all over me or bullying and torturing people to do my bidding.
What else is going on? Cleaning out the coffee maker so that we can make our own coffee instead of buy $2 Starbuck coffee. The pot itself has been sterilized and cleaned. At one time, there was a layer of mold in it. I bleached it, 409’d it, antibacterial it with two different antibacterial soaps and dishwashed it twice. I think that it should be clean now. The thing that I need to get/clean is the actual maker where you pour the water. I’ve been pouring hot water in it and repeating that. I vaguely remember cleaning out a coffeemaker a long time ago with vinegar. Not sure if I’m dreaming on that or not. Maybe I’ll stop by the supermarket and see if there is some kind of cleaner. Anybody have any ideas?
O.K. Fed Ex is here so it’s time to get back to work.
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I should be asleep already.

I should be asleep already.
“Sir, step away from the computer, put your head on the pillow and close your eyes…”
Actually the thing I need to do is uninstall Civ II. A computer game that is years old that can still suck you into it and keep up for hours is something short of amazing and deadly…
Yes, Civ II has to go on the list of Crack Games like EverCrack…
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