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Ah….the joys of being in charge

Peter just called to inform me that his car got towed cause he has an expired licence and registration. He is the only driver this week since Tim is on vacation. Mark is here, but I’m not sure if he is on the van’s insurance yet. I can’t figure out why they towed his car though. I was in the same situation and I only got a ticket for expired plates. I think that there is more to this story and I’m hoping that Peter didn’t get busted for something worse. Anyway, I’m waiting for UPS to get here so I can drive the van to the store to make deliveries and see about getting Mark a key so he can start driving. **sigh** Hopefully, the rest of the day will go quickly.
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Where The Hell Have I Been…

Not that many people even read my journal or anything. But I’ve just taken a small break from LJ, which I suggest that people might do from time to time. There is life beyond LJ (really, there is). I guess it helped that Suzanne and I were having difficulties, but we sorted everything out and all is good again. But I still didn’t have the urge to post. I’ve just haven’t feel the need or the urge to post. And it doesn’t help that LJ doesn’t work when I do have the urge. I am kinda pissed at the LJ outages since I have a paid account and all. I’ve dabbled with blogger, but was not impressed. And I saw DiaryLand and quickly ran away. So I guess I will renew my account.
So what else has gone on. I got a promotion at work and now I am officially in charge of the warehouse and am on salary. Yay me. I am also filling out the actual application to graduate. Amazing. Suzanne bought menew speakers. They’re not the Klipsch 5.1 speakers that I was looking at, but they work. And they work REAL GOOD.
My computer crashed a couple of weeks ago. Now that was fun. I had finally gotten the replacement RAM from Crucial and I installed it and basicly my computer went bonkers. So I went ahead and reformatted the HD thinking that my roommate had gotten a virus or something on it. Still didn’t fix it. So I did some snooping around and I eventually found out that it was most likely my motherboard reacting to the RAM and not a virus. I have anASUS A7A266 board and there is a problem with the board reading the memory or something, so only one of my memory slots work. So I took out one ot the memory chios and now everything is working fine. It sucks that I had to reinstall everything, and I had to recopy all of my CD’s onto the computer. I also loss all the pictures that I had. Most are burned on a CD-R, and others I have originals in photo book. So it’s a matter of just recopying/scanning them again.
Suzanne’s birthday is comming up and I am tossing ideas around on what to get her. Actually I’m waiting to see how much money I will have to spend on her. I have enough to get her some good stuff, but I want to see how much I’ll get with my salary increase. And then there should also be some financial aid money comming in since it looks like I might get away with only $50 worth of books for all of my classes. On the other hand, the mighty Metro needs to goto the shop for what I hope is only an oil leak. **sigh** What I need to do is look for a new car. I’m not a big fan of Saturn’, but I think that they are still having a 0% finance thing going on. If they are and if I was approved, I wouldn’t mind getting a SC2
But if I don’t then I would have to go through my Credit Union. And the rates are much higher. But I guess I could look at more cars then. I don’t want anything fancy or big. I guess I want something bigger than a Metro, and kinda sporty; and new. I want a new car; I would settle for a 2001 model, but I want it new.
Well, that is pretty much what’s up with me. I did have a vacation where I decorated my room. Pictures are here at Yahoo in the Room Pictures Album. I forgot to resize the pics, so I just posted them all there. Basically I covered my half of the room with pictures that I got out of Rolling Stone Magazine. It’s pretty cool and you should take a look at them and tell me what you think of them. I’m suppose to get a copy of Photoshop and when I do, I’ll resize them and post them in the Portraits Community or something. O. K. I gotta get to bed.
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