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In other news….

Justin is checking out tomorrow. More sad than glad. On the one hand, I can push the beds together and have one huge bed for awhile. On the other, Justin wasn’t a bad roommate and I’ll miss him. I found out that he knew Quetzal (my old BASTARD FROM HELL ROOMMATE) and we were taking about what a wetback (FULL RACIAL SLUR INTENDED) he is. And then I found out that he was roommates with Tim when he was at The Presidio. Tim was my roommate when I lived in the resident apartments. Talk about coincidences and stuff.
Anyway, he is checking out at 8:30 am and I have been thinking if I should stay up and take all of my pictures off of the wall (Click here and they are in the Room Pictures Album) I don’t think that I am cause it took me way too long to put them up in the first place.
Now I’ll have to get a new roommate. This will be the twelfth house mate that I’ve had in my college experience; the sixth one that I’ve shared a room with. And maybe the last one. I would like to think that once I get out of college, I could afford a place of my own, or at least get a two bedroom and have a room to myself. But with 1 bedrooms starting at $1515 at Park Merced across the street, I don’t have any high hopes. Westlake Village in Daly City is cheaper, with studio’s starting at $1000 and 1 bedroom’s at $1200. But Westlake is so ghetto; I vaguely remember Dan and I going to see our old friend, the BASTARD MATT, and his apt. was very ghetto. Not that I can afford something better, but I can look around.
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I am going to die (O. K.. not really)

But I think that I won’t graduate this semester. I went to my Asian American Studies class – Seminar on Contemporary Asian American Communities tonight. Seminar classes are usually the classes you need to take in order to graduate and I am taking two of these classes. I realized that I was doing this, but I didn’t realize how much work I would have to do until I actually went to class tonight and listened to the stuff that we have to do. We have to give a presentation on some subject pertaining to the Asian American Community; that is the main project. There are other projects and homework assignments that go with the main project. Once I get a topic, I have to either do interviews or surveys/questionnaires. Overall, the presentation has to be about 25-30 min. And the way the teacher was explaining it, it has to be done like either a slide show, a professional video presentation, photo essay, or some other creative way; not with just a typed report. The other seminar class is the History on – The San Francisco State Strike of 1968-69. For this one, I have a narrative summary of 5 pages, 8 page essay on the 1960’s, and a 15-25 paper due at the end of the class. This does not include all of the other weekly assignments that we have. And it doesn’t include the work for my other two classes.
So the dilemma is that I need the history seminar in order to graduate. The Asian American Seminar I might need for my 3rd college segment class (a group of classes you pick to enlighten you). I think that I might have it filled in another group, but the classes that I used were all history. The kicker is that one of the classes that I used, History of Women in China and Japan, is also listed under women’s studies, but under my transcript it is listed as an history class.
So tomorrow, I am going to call the counseling office until I can get someone to talk to me and see if I can somehow drop the Asian American. Seminar and take a lecture course, which would be easier for my schedule. If I wasn’t working so much, it wouldn’t be a problem, but I am working 40 hrs, so I know that the 2 seminars would kill me. If I was able to drop the seminar, then I would have to get into another class. The forerunners are an Human Sexuality class, a holistic health class on eastern philosophies, an online class on drugs and society, a history class on American children, and a humanities class on thought and form. **sigh** I am still feeling so sick cause I have worked myself into a nervous frenzy.
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I wonder if I have

I wonder if I have a rash on my bum. It is still irritated, and I am doing my best not to go into the bathroom and try to look at it. With my luck, Mark would barge in and I would have alot of explaining to do.
Work continues to be slower than expected. Part of it could be that I told everybody that I would be alone part of the day. But Mark came in early and Peter came in for a couple of hour, so that helped out a bit.
Tonight I think that I have my Asian American class; it’s not the Chinese in America class, but the other class (I can’t think of the name right now). I think that I will get my fast food fix tonight before class.
Well, I think Mark and I will finish cleaning up and get out of here.
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My butt hurts…

Particularly my top left cheek, like right where my waist turns into buttcheek. Don’t know what I hit or what I sat on, but it is becommig very annoying.
I know, probably to much info.
In other exciting news, the coffee maker works fine, so tomorrow, we can brew our own coffee. The bad news is that the office smells like coffee, so the machine will have to go outside. We also need to get some creamer for the coffee. We also need to clean out the fridge cause the mold is starting to get restless and is growling at anybody who opens the fridge.
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**yawn** Not a good Thursday.

Not a good Thursday. All of the stuff that I got for Suzanne for her birthday is either falling through or is going to be late. Not happy. >:(
My expensive crappy Starbucks Mocha that the staff spit it; I left it in the van and now it’s gone.
Another class tonight after work. Going to miss WWF Smackdown! tonight. **sigh** Less computer time, no TV time; the sacrafices we make for school.
A thought that I forgot to post. This happened a week ago, but we (suzanne and I) saw Best In Show. Funny Movie and then the extras on the DVD were hilarious.
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