Daily Archives: August 2, 2001

Well, both my mouse and

Well, both my mouse and my RAM are on their way here, so that’s some good news.
It was my brother’s birthday today; he fucking 22 years old. That I can’t believe. I told them that I probably wouldn’t be able to come up because of the car. Now that’s poopy.
Tried to register for classes, but I have some kind of hold, so I have to call tomorrow. I wonder if it is because of the Emer. Loan that I have. I’ve made all of the the payment so far. **sigh**
I know what my problem is. It’s the fact that I’m not gullible and that I am a psycho, craized, stubborn person. If I was a mindless sheep, the world would be a much better place. I am almost there; I mean I don’t have any dreams or goals really. I’m not going to get married, I’m not going to have a family. The whole school thing is more for my parents and the culture that I grew up in than it is for me.
And it’s not like I have a career going for me or even a REAL job; I mean I’m just a warehouse supervisor for a college bookstore. It’s not like I’m a teacher, or a lawyer, or a computer programer, or a soldier, or even a construction worker.
My problem is that I should just face the fact that I am too stupid to lead my life the RIGHT way and let someone else….guide me onto the path of righteousness.
“Baaaah” says Frank.
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