In other news….

Justin is checking out tomorrow. More sad than glad. On the one hand, I can push the beds together and have one huge bed for awhile. On the other, Justin wasn’t a bad roommate and I’ll miss him. I found out that he knew Quetzal (my old BASTARD FROM HELL ROOMMATE) and we were taking about what a wetback (FULL RACIAL SLUR INTENDED) he is. And then I found out that he was roommates with Tim when he was at The Presidio. Tim was my roommate when I lived in the resident apartments. Talk about coincidences and stuff.
Anyway, he is checking out at 8:30 am and I have been thinking if I should stay up and take all of my pictures off of the wall (Click here and they are in the Room Pictures Album) I don’t think that I am cause it took me way too long to put them up in the first place.
Now I’ll have to get a new roommate. This will be the twelfth house mate that I’ve had in my college experience; the sixth one that I’ve shared a room with. And maybe the last one. I would like to think that once I get out of college, I could afford a place of my own, or at least get a two bedroom and have a room to myself. But with 1 bedrooms starting at $1515 at Park Merced across the street, I don’t have any high hopes. Westlake Village in Daly City is cheaper, with studio’s starting at $1000 and 1 bedroom’s at $1200. But Westlake is so ghetto; I vaguely remember Dan and I going to see our old friend, the BASTARD MATT, and his apt. was very ghetto. Not that I can afford something better, but I can look around.
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