T minus and counting….

Until my first class. Actually the day has started kinda slow. There was one med. size notebook order, but I was expecting alot more to be here when I came in today.
I also kinda chewed out Peter today too cause he was an hour late. **sigh** Don’t know what to do with him. Sometimes I wish he would get hired someplace else so that I wouldn’t have to deal with it anymore. I just need to learn how to be in charge and stuff. I hate being in charge; blame it on my loner mentality. I just like everybody doing their own thing to help the team with little leadership. I mean if push comes to shove, then I can be a tyrant. O.K. I don’t need that big of a push. Like alot of other parts of my life, I live at the extremes; either letting people walk all over me or bullying and torturing people to do my bidding.
What else is going on? Cleaning out the coffee maker so that we can make our own coffee instead of buy $2 Starbuck coffee. The pot itself has been sterilized and cleaned. At one time, there was a layer of mold in it. I bleached it, 409’d it, antibacterial it with two different antibacterial soaps and dishwashed it twice. I think that it should be clean now. The thing that I need to get/clean is the actual maker where you pour the water. I’ve been pouring hot water in it and repeating that. I vaguely remember cleaning out a coffeemaker a long time ago with vinegar. Not sure if I’m dreaming on that or not. Maybe I’ll stop by the supermarket and see if there is some kind of cleaner. Anybody have any ideas?
O.K. Fed Ex is here so it’s time to get back to work.
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