More Notes From Class….

Story teacher told: When George Bush Sr. was a teen, he would walk two miles to this girl’s house that he knew and would give her $1 to walk by her window naked.
It’s 8pm; hopefully class will end at 9pm so I can get books (update — We got out at 9:45pm. **sigh** I guess that’s all right since the class is from 7pm to 10pm)
Getting ready to watch a movie on tribes from Paupa New Guinea. I hope that there isn’t any of that female castration stuff. That makes me sick just thinking about it. I think that the penis and the vagina should be left alone with no piercing or any other torture devices. Maybe the trimming of the hair, but that’s about it.
I need to look into getting a web host. Actually I just need to piece together a web site first. I wish that April would answer her e-mail. I wanted to get her option and maybe sign up with her web host so she could get some extra cash. Actually, I can’t say anything about answering e-mail cause I let e-mail build up until the guilt is too much and I spend the weekend spiting out e-mail to people. Anyway, I just need to look around and just decide on how much space I need and how much I can afford.
I wonder if I will have to participate much in this class. There are 120 seats in the class so that is a lot of people to compete with for name recognition by the teacher. On the one hand, the only grades are the midterm and the final paper. On the other hand, a teacher that knows your name could be the difference between a B+ and an A- (Or in my case a D+ and a C-)
Hmm…the girl behind me and to the left looks familiar. So does a girl a couple rows in the front. I think that I went to Solano with her. Hmmm.
Thinking about a piece that I saw on the news tonight on J.Lo and the big deal about her saying nigger. Only black people would get pissed off about a non black person saying nigger. Personally, I hate the word and am surprised that I could even write the word, twice in fact. **sigh** I’m glad that I’m Korean.
The movie is starting; Time to watch naked New Guinea People. (update — It is so funny listening to different cultures talk about sex)
OH GOD!!! Celeste is in this class with me. Oy Vey! OK, I really should get over the beef that I have with her. True, she made up lies about me and tried to get me fired. But I should be the bigger person and let bygones be bygones. Besides, I’m hire up than her and I can boss her around now if I want. 😉
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