Weird Sex dreams

Weird dream of the night was the dream of me and April laying on our backs, with our heads next to each other, but laying in opposite directions masturbating. I don’t remember any of the naked parts, and I don’t really think that there were any. It was like just a camera shot of our heads and that it. An we were maturbating because I remember us making the “O-face” sounds. There was also a Hello Kitty Vibrator, an at one point, I shot my load over my head and on to April. But, that wasn’t the point of the dream. Mainly it was just April and I talking about random shit, and masterbating was like a 2nd thought. Topics included corn, American Idol’s Clay, and others that I’m already forgetting. I do remember that we spent a good amount of time talking about Mike, my housemate. At this point, there was a third person who I couldn’t see, but they were changing the light bulbs above us. I wish I could remember more of the conversations that I had.
O.K., The Krispy Kreme Diet of eating nothing but KKD all day; I will have to quit it immedialy….as soon as I finish this last doughnut….
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