Just now getting on the internet

It’s been a busy day today here in warehouse land. A couple of big transfers and a couple of clothes order that needed to be recieved. **whew** And the day still isn’t done yet. And then Sat. is graduation; I am going to be so tired.
Mike had the house cleaned up, so I’m guessing that someone is coming over tomorrow to take a look at it. Kinda jury rigged my door just in case someone is coming over tonight. He’s suppose to give me a day’s notice. I don’t mind him showing off the room, but I want a chance to clean it up. Need to call the service dept and have a carpenter come out to cut the baniser for the bad.
Not sure if I talked about the Buffy finale; thought it was a good end. I think I’d rather would have had Buffy die with Spike, and I wish that Andrew would have died with Anya. I totally wished that Kennedy would have gotten her head cleaved off. But eh, you get what you get.
O.K. Still buzing off of the Krispy Kreme and soda, so I had better get some more work done while I’m on this sugar high. I am going to crash so hard tonight.
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