Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Back at the Park Merced Busness center to use the internet. While I can’t beging to comprehend how I managed without the internet; it’s amazing in itself that within a couple of block radius, there are a number of places that I can connect to the internet.
Anyway, expect today to be a mostly lazy Sunday. Will finish packing some things and might move the bookcase downstairs just to get it out of the way. I know that I have two weeks left, but next week is graduation and other stuff going on. So I want to get it done ahead of time. Actually there isn’t too much for me to move, which is surprising.
Just a general notice to all of my friends (and enemies), that I will be moving so any mail should be sent to my work address and not to my home address. Also the work address will be changing soon too, but it will be right next door, so no worries about me getting mail. My home line has been disconnected, so if you need to contact me, use the cell line.
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