Saturday night party…or not

It’s been a busy day for me. Went all over the penensula doing stuff. Went all the way to Fry’s to look for the stupid camera mount, but they didn’t have it. So I went to just about every electronics store to no avail. Come back home and Amy called me to hang out. But I was exhasted and just wanted to sleep. So I get home and find out that Mike still hasn’t shown the room yet; the people are comming at 5pm and 7pm. **sigh**, so I have to stay up an extra two hours to wait for these people. They seemed like nice people and I hope that Mike finds someone. So after that, I finally goto my room, put a DVD on and fall asleep. I’m awaken later by the smell of food cooking just filling up my room. I was so piss, and I almost lost it to Mike, but I just walked out instead. **sigh** two weeks and then he will be someone elses problem.
Well I’m at park merced’s office at their club and the office is closing in 10 min. Think that I will walk down to Borders to get some coffee. They close at 11pm. My room should be aired out by then.
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