Did I mention how much I have working this week?

First, my Mirror Project picture, taken in the elevator of the Federal Building in SF.
Mirror Project Picture

Anyway, the gift inv. corrections are officially over, with some exceptions that are so messed up that I can begin to correct them. Will start on the supplies next week.
Boss came out to brainstorm for the move. The main thing is that I don’t think there is enough room for all of our stuff next door, and I wish that we would have looked around a bit longer. **sigh** Well, too late now. So I need to get some floor space plans drawn up by next week. It’s not looking good so far though.
Apparently, our new computer has arrived at the store and the IS dept. is working on it. Hopefully we will get that and the new label machines next week.
So tomorrow after work, I am babysitting Amber W’s son Brock, while they goto the Giants game. I could use the extra money since I am driving up to Vacaville to meet up with April and DeeDee on Sat. We are going to see April’s sister Miranda in her performance. I think it’s a dance performance, but at this point, I am too tired to think. Also just might spend the night in Sac at Lesa’s/Kurt. (But they don’t know this yet….unless Lesa is reading this).
**sigh** I shouldn’t be treating myself like this; I should be holed up in my room, finding new ways to make my money stretch. But fuck it, once again. I am just going to go out and enjoy myself with my friends. Things are tight, but manageable. I have a house over my head, the bills are getting paid, and I have food and clothes. And DSL. What more could I ask for, besides a laptop, cable, silk pajamas, etc. etc. you get the picture.
Was planning on baking a bake for the guys that included some of the 54-proof Chocolate Cherry Liqueur that I have. However, I need Mike to do the dishes first. This has been an ongoing thing with me and mike. See, we alternate on washing the dishes; he washes them on MWF and I do it on TTHSat, with Sunday being a day of rest. Well, he has been washing his dishes on his day. And I refuse to wash them for him, the boy needs to learn o clean for himself. Actually, it’s not that bad, he washes them eventually, and I’m sure that he will wash them tonight. Let’s just say he has been washing dishes straight for the last two weeks, just about.
O. K. enough bitching about dishes. Camera is not on cause I need to go down to watch wrestling to see if I can get a glimpse of Brock on TV (he went to the Smackdown! tapings on Tuesday night.) Also, I am feeling ugly, although has I was walking home from the parking garage, I was a poster for model tryout for something on campus. I had a daydream of me just walking in, strutting down the runway, taking of my jacket and doing a Zoolander pose.
Le Tigre....Rrrwwwaaarrrrrrr
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