Today’s Mobile Horoscope: There’s a

Today’s Mobile Horoscope: There’s a new spring in your step. Are you in love? The answer is obvious.
Well, I’m not sure about that, but the rain has gone for the moment. The sun is out and the air smells clean. **sniff, sniff** Oh wait, there is the smell of jury duty on Monday. blah.
Well, it’s time for my Saturday ritual of cleaning my room and doing laundry. I wonder if I can pay someone to figure out why I am always doing laundry. Also need to go to the post office to pay bills. But I’m tired of my ATM card taking forever to work. I need to change banks anyway.
Also need to go grocery shopping too. **sigh** life in the real world, huh. O. K. Cam is on if you want to make sure I’m cleaning. Need to get stuff done before the sunbeam swings around and I’m trapped into just laying in my bed and soaking up rays.
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