I should be downstairs watching

I should be downstairs watching Married by America, but I took one look at one of the guys and said, “I just can’t watch this. They are making it too easy for me.” The guy just looked like a total loser; Evan from Joe Millionaire x10 in stupidity. And I can’t get hooked on reality television, no matter how many of them the networks throw at me. I guess there is another one called The Family where this family is competing for money, but they are being judged by their servants. Had to avoid that one too.
Was planning on sleeping all night, but I heard Mike close a door or something and it woke me up. Hopefully I can go to sleep at around 1-2am tonight and won’t stay up until 5-6am. That would be bad. No Nyquil, so I can’t drug myself to sleep.
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