So I am sick again

So I am sick again for the 2-3 time this year. YUCK. Why am I getting sick like this? It’s not too bad, but still; I feel all run down and my throat is blah. I think I caught it from my boss cause he was sick earlier this week. I’ll just have to give it back to him, I guess.
Spend last night playing Mechwarrior 4 with Kurt and Barry. O. K., we spent an hour playing and 3 hours trying to play. It was just a comedic romp cause we were on 3-way trying to play the damn game, and every time that we were ready, something would happen and we would have to wait for someone to download something. It sucked on my end because of lag or something else. But it was pretty cool. Hopefully, by time the next game in the series comes out , we can fix all of our problems.
I have stuff that I should do, like grocery shopping, laundry, pay bills, but all I want to do is just lay here in bed. I think the lying in bed is going to win out, but I have until 1pm to go to the post office, so I might still go out sometime today.
What else? It’s my weekend to clean the bathroom, I need to finish Eric’s astrology thing, and I have some work that I brought home that I need to do. But the bed is calling me, so I think that I am going to answer it.
Mobile fortune for today: Curb your rage. Don’t go where it would take you. Trade darkness for brightness.
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