Slowly getting ready for the

Slowly getting ready for the end of the year, and if work and the trip to my parents don’t kill me, it is looking kinda decent.
Talked to Mike about house issues. We are now going to split the rent down the middle, with will really help me out. We also have a schedule set up for cleaning the house and stuff. Still not sure if we will still be roommates once the lease is up. It just mainly depends if we can find a place together in our range. But that’s still months away.
Went to the library, and now I have plenty of books to read, including a book on Webcams. Not sure if it is going to help, but we’ll see. I’ll def. have plenty of time to read it on the way to Washington.
Keeping an eye on the weather report. The roads should be clear, but I am worried that something will happen and that the bus won’t be able to go over the Sierras and I’ll have to come back here to spend Xmas by myself. Or worse, I’ll get stuck in the mountains. I really should have thought about this before I got the tickets. Like I’ve been saying, I’ll def. have stories to tell about this trip.
It was so busy at work that I didn’t get a chance to finish Xmas cards. **sigh** Some people will just get them late, I guess. Better late than never. Also need to finalize plans for this weekend. Will goto Vacaville on Sat and spend the night and then head to Antioch on Sunday from there. Haven’t heard from Suzanne though. I will call her tomorrow, I guess.
The web site looks good, there are a few spots that I need to fix though. But overall, I like how it came out.
O.K need to bust out some Xmas cards
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