Mobile Horoscope – You own;

Mobile Horoscope – You own; You’re not owned. There are no hostages. Review all pertinent information.
Hmmm…Anyway, it’s been an a up/down week at work. One day busy, one day slow, then back to busy.
Well, Mike should be done with his finals today. Thank God. Anyway, I need to talk to him about house stuff later. I’m feeling like I’m being really anal. Both at home and at work, but stuff is bothering me and I need to talk about it, I guess.
What else? Need to talk/email Suzanne. Think I will email; she’s probably going to go out to see LOTR:TTT tonight. **sigh** Once again, this saving money business really sucks.
Also need to figure out the Xmas present thing. I thought my family and friends had agreements that we weren’t going to give each other xmas presents cause we are all poor. Now, my brother has gone and got a present for my mom. And then Angie got me a present. And I’m sure my parents are getting me presents. So if I don’t get presents for them, I’ll feel bad. Also want to get Suzanne something too. I know that the horoscope says otherwise, but I still feel like somebody else owns me and that I will never be financially secure.
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