Am sailing on blahness today.

Am sailing on blahness today. Decided to spend money on Cheesesteak sandwich for lunch and dinner. Will def. not be going to the gym tonight. I really shouldn’t be buying lunch, but I don’t have that much left to cook at home; just some pasta and lunchmeat, no bread. Oh I also have some cereal and milk left, but the milk might be getting bad. And I def. don’t want to buy groceries before I go on vacation.
Making plans for this Sat or Sun. Thinking of having breakfast with Brent, Brunch with April, Lunch/Supper with Shawn & Marie, and finish it off with Dinner at Gabi/Barry’s. We’ll see if all goes according to plan.
Need to send out a few more Xmas cards that I keep forgetting to do. I thought that I would have more Xmas cards by now. Hmmm.
Sigh, I guess what I was expecting was a Xmas card from Suzanne. Still trying to decide if I should get her a present or not. It wouldn’t be much, but it’s the thought that counts, right? I’ll have to goto Penny’s to get it thought. **sigh** More charges on the card. Not good at all.
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