I wonder what it means when you get the same horoscope for 4 days in a row?

Fortune kisses you. Dirty laundry gets a dose of fresh air, Flourish and beautify. – From MSM Mobile Horoscopes
An unusually energetic day could catch you off guard, as a passionate partner will likely preoccupy your time. There are, of course, worse ways to spend a day than locked in the embrace of the one you love. – From MSN.com
Your home is likely to be a very busy place today, dear Taurus. A couple of people, whom you’re very fond of, could come by for a visit. You might want to ask their opinion of some redecorating plans you’re considering, and some animated conversations could be the result. Still, afterwards you may still be uncertain as to whether you want to go ahead with your plans or not. Your ideas may be too ambitious to put into operation at this time.
You could strike up a new friendship with someone today, Joseph. You’ve been very busy lately, so it has been hard for you to relax and socialize. But today you could find yourself in a setting where you are spending lots of time with one person. You could share ideas about work, life, and romance. This camaraderie will lift your spirits, and this person could end up being a part of your life. – Both from SBC Yahoo! home page.

Hmmm. As usual, the messages are cryptic and vague. **sigh** I would love to call in sick and just stay home and watch the rain, but I need to get up and go to work since I’m already running late. I just know that the roads are going to be fucked up too.
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