Maybe if I went to sleep earlier, then I wouldn’t be so tired in the afternoon. Maybe….
Well, still no phone call from Target. Guess I’m not going to be working there. I am curious about the drug test though. I should have tested negative for anything, since I don’t do anything anymore. And I guess it sucks that I’m not going to make the extra money, cause I could have paid off my JCPenny’s card. But I’m glad too cause I really wasn’t looking forwar to working there. Also, this means that I can stay longer at my parents for XMas. Yes, this means that there will be more time for my mom to drive me crazy, but I miss my family. This also means that I can goto the wedding with Angie. And that means free food and alcohol. Oh yeah baby…
And no, I still haven’t called Suzanne yet about New Years…
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