Rainy Monday afternoon….

A slow and rainy monday afternoon here at work. Target STILL hasn’t called me back yet. **sigh** how long does it take to get the results from a drug test anyway. If they don’t call back by Tues. or Wed. then I think that I will just give up on the working thing and just tighten the belt.
I was browsing through journals and blogs and I came across someone who was using an icon that Suzanne made for a friend of her’s. So I emailed the friend and asked her if she cared if that person was using her icon. I know that alot of people care about that kind of thing, and I guess I can understand. About a year ago, some girl took one of suzanne’s icons and claimed that she made the icon. Suzanne was not happy about it, and eventually everything got cleared up. I gave Suz friend the email address, but not a link to the site. I am so parinoid about anyone from Livejournal finding me here for some stupid reason. I am certifiable, for sure.
Speaking of Suzanne, I’m thinking of asking her to hang out with me for New Years. What do I have to loose right. Don’t know what we would do yet, but as long as they are not like the last two new years, it would be all good. 2001, I split up with her right before Xmas and she came over to drop off a notebook with stuff for me. She had black hair and was looking fucking hot. I spend New Years at the Golden Gate Bridge by myself has everybody around me was kissing their signifigant other and looking at me like I was diseased or something. I finished the night by downing a big ass bottle of champagne. 2002 was even worse, that one I ended up walking 3-5 miles from Suz friend’s house to a Gas station where I took a taxi to the BART station and took the last BART train home. It was def. not one of my better moments. However, 2000 was a very good new years for us, and I think that 1999 was good too. We’ll see.
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