I just realize that ever

I just realize that ever since I have started this Blurty, I have posted at least once every single day. Something to chew on.
Anyway, lounging around on what is theoretically my last free weekend. Still waiting for Target to call me back with the results of my drug test. **sigh** Not like I’ve been doing anything exciting with my weekends, but still, giving them up is kinda sad. Better get used to working 8 hours at the madhouse that will be Target.
Was up late last night waiting for music to download on to my MP3 player. 6GB of music and I still have 2GB left over. What I need is a 20GB upgrade for my player. That would be enough room, for awhile anyway. I could also use a new MP3 player that has Firewire or USB 2.0. But then, I would also need a new computer. I mean I was up until 4-5am waiting for the music to download to my player.
Anyway, Mike came home late last night has I was finishing copying the music. I hope he had some kind of date or was hanging out with his friends. But he was probably at the 24hr. study center @ the library, working on homework or something. And then he was out the house before I woke up this morning. Oy Vey is all I have to say.
So what to do for the rest of the day?
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