Ended up falling asleep, probably due to the turkey that was in my salad. Woke up a couple hours later when Mary called me. We talked for awhile and caught up on things. We work for the same company, but it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve seen her. I think the last time was for the Friday After Next preview a couple of weeks ago.
Anyway, after I got done talking to her, I got my customary bowl of cereal and just vegged on my computer for awhile. I’m being totally unproductive the last couple of days. I guess I am getting some things done, but not the things that I originally planned on doing. And I have all of these books that I should be reading that I checked out from the library. And my room could be cleaned. But I just sit on my ass, aimlessly surfing the Internet.
Still, at least I have the Target job. I am not sure about being a cashier, but I am racking it up to nervousness. Still need to get a hair cut sometime. And I have to go buy some red shirts to wear. **sigh** looks like another trip to JCPennys. The pay sucks ($7.25) but if I work until the end of January, I can at least pay off my JCPenny’s card. And that would save me another $40 a month. And then this is the last month that I’m paying for AOL, so starting next month, that will be another $24 that I’m saving. So at least I’ll be getting a little breathing room. And if I somehow keep the job pass the holiday, that’ll be $400 a month that I can put into savings, make an extra payment on the car of the student loads. I’ll probably just keep in it savings to get ready for next summer when I most likely move out of here. It wasn’t a mistake for me to move out from my old place, but I should have been more involved in picking a place with Mike and not have settled for Park Merced, esp. for the price that I’m paying. But what’s done is done.
Still mulling over getting a roommate to share the room with me. I would have to get a bed frame so that I could store stuff underneath my bed and to make room in the closet for someone. I wonder if Daniel is still here. Daniel was my first roommate when I came to San Francisco. I know that his lease was up in October. Hmm, he’s probably found a place by now.
I should be in bed reading, but I think that I am going to….you know what, no more computer. I think that I am going to sign off and read a bit an go to sleep. I have a pee test early in the morning.
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