Good News…

My car insurance is going down $20. It’s not that much, but it brings it in line to what everybody else was asking for. And hey, $20 is $20 dollars.
Otherwise, I am trying to psych myself up for the interview tomorrow. I am still not sure if I want to go through with it or not; I think that in the end that I will. Let’s see. If I can work 16hrs on the weekend at $8/hr. , that’s another $200 I’m pulling in. That would def. be a big plus for me. I could pay off JCPennys if I worked just for Xmas. And if I stayed on, I could finally put some money into savings.
But first, I need to figure out about getting a haircut. I could do it after the manager’s meeting. Except that I’m already leaving at 3pm. The manager’s meeting is at 10am to 11 or 12, depending how long it goes. I guess I could get the haircut and pop in at the warehouse to make sure that the guys aren’t goofing off too much. Or I could just go with a nicely combed afro. **sigh** I should go and decide on what I’m going to wear tomorrow.
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