Got back from working out

Got back from working out and talking to my friend, Mew. Her contract job got renewed until may-June of next year. Still waiting on her to get the pictures that she took when I was down there online.
One more day until my vacation and I have yet to get ready in any way. Think that I will procrastinate until tomorrow. Need to empty out my new suitcase and load it with dirty clothes. Also need to print out my ticket. I can’t wait to see my family again.
What else? Decided to delete my live journals since it has been 3 weeks since I last posted. I have a month to change my mind, but I think that I might be done with it. This journal gives me the same benefits without the presence of others hovering over me. And for the moment, I am still unlisted. She, along with every other single person I seem to know, has rebounded nicely and is dating again. O. K., so I don’t know if she is dating or not, but she is talking to other guys. Meanwhile, I am doing the opposite and being miserable. O. K. change of topic…
I stink. I really worked out today. Am going to take a shower and probably doze off. Actually, I have an entry that I should work on before I sleep, just so that I can say that I tried to post something other than surveys or my incessant whining.
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