A sample of the icons for California on a directory search

5 Brittany Spears icons
3 Brittany Murphy icons
only 1 Christina Aguleria and only 1 Mariah Carey icon
also only a single Justin timberlake, one green day, one Ryan Starr (I think she was from American Idol.)
I think that three of the Backstreet boys are represented : J Chasez, Joey Fontane (well his girlfriend is represented) and there is what appears to be a crotch shot of AJ McLean(I think that’s the one with the drug problem.)
There are a whole bunch of other teeny bopper guys icons that I don’t recognize. They all look the same (white guys with blond highlights)
Only two Buffy icons (Buffy and Tara)
8 cartoon icons (including my own Sinfest one); 4 are anime ones, one is Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes and one is a My Little Pony.
We got one punk chick that I am liking just cause it is different from everything else.
20 icons are animated in some various way.
1 icon is kinda sad looking
1 icon needs to shave her mustache
1 icon is really hot looking
1 icon is really hot looking getting out of the shower
1 icon is sleeping
2 icons show kissing; one straight and one lesbian
1 icon of a baby…it might just be a doll, cause it has the bluest eyes that I have seen.
18 people with no icons
and 1 icon of a guy with face paint on looking all crazy like.
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