So Harry Potter was pretty

So Harry Potter was pretty good; not as good has the first one though. And it was long; we’re talking almost 3 hours. Guess I won’t go into too much detail about it since people are still going to see it. But it worth going to see.
Is it really too hard to turn off the ringer on your cell phone while you are at the movies. I mean, you got 10 min of commercials and another 10-15 min of previews. Within those 25-30 minutes, you can’t turn the ringer off so that it doesn’t go off during the movie. **sigh** Stupid people. Still, I’m glad that I went and saw this movie, it has been far too long. Now, I need to hope that I can see The Two Towers when it comes out.
So what’s up for today? Need to clean my room for one thing. Also need to clean my car; maybe I’ll go to work and use the dry/wet vac that we have. Then again, I am going to get my 5000 service this week, so maybe I’ll let then clean it out for me. And I’ll head off to the gym to torture myself some more. Still a little worried about my arm, but it is starting to feel better, so I guess that means that I need to inflict pain on it. Maybe I’ll head to the library today also. And I did say something about a hair cut.
Blah, blah, blah….what a boring life I lead.
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