Giving into my hunger and

Giving into my hunger and will eat something. I fell asleep for a little while, but something woke me up and now I can’t get back to sleep. Mike cooked some Eggplant Lagasna, but I really want meat. Semi-thinking about going to get some junk food, but I’ll probably end up having some soup. I should eat now anyway, since the food at the movies is always fucking expensive.
There is some file on my computer that keeps updating itself and it’s driving me crazy, currently searching through my files for the culprit. Damn spy ware…
Was suppose to go grocery shopping and to the gym. Def. not a good plan in the condition that I am in (Hunger weakness). Will go to gym tomorrow and also will go and get a hair cut. Think that I will try to hold out on buying food until the last possible moment. I might have enough food to last me until next Monday when I go to Washington to see my family for Thanksgiving. That could save me a spot of money. We’ll see.
What else? Weird ass dreams. In between dreaming of Suzanne laying next to me and holding me, I had a dream that I had won an Cadillac Escalade and then I sold it to pay off my car. Also had a dream about the lottery, where I got 5 out the 6 numbers which was like $30,000 and I was trying to decide if I should pay my student loans off or my car. You can tell where my thoughts are.
Well good news, my web site is finally back up. I was looking at the status page where it tells you who’s hit the site and stuff. I wish that I could figure out that stuff out. Yes, I want to know if Suzanne was visiting my site. Most of them were just me hitting the site. I really need to get working on a new design for that. Something to do this weekend.
O. K. Let’s go down and see what we can find to eat….
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